Tremednous Top-Shelf Turkey Burgers

Let’s talk about turkey! I love love love me some turkey! If I could have thanksgiving turkey 365 days a year I would be so happy! I would also be really fat (because I’d probably eat a whole turkey every day) I really cannot say enough about turkey! Its full of protein, it’s generally pretty lean, it tastes better than chicken (yup, I said it!) it reminds me of happy holiday times, and all around I just cannot get enough of it! I think I eat some form of it at least 3-4 times a week. Usually in the ground lean form in turkey burgers! That’s why I was so excited about this next recipe!


When it comes to whole turkeys, I prefer the white meat over dark! I like the fact that it’s drier than the dark meat (I know, that’s kind of weird) and I like the slightly different flavor.  When talking about ground turkey (my go-to variety) I don’t really like the extra lean breast meat, I think its way too dry and ever so slightly tasteless! Yes, it has way less fat than the “lean” ground turkey (which I assume is a mix of white and dark, but I’m not really sure) but as “they” (who “they” is I can’t really say) fat is flavor! And when cooking at high heats for a shorter amount of time that fat helps a whole lot!

So, with the last recipe Pizza Luau Mike got a  guilt-free version of his favorite food, PIZZA! When I flipped the page in the book and saw this recipe I was stoked! TURKEY!


Tremendous Top-Shelf Turkey Burger

PER SERVING (entire recipe) 184 calories, 6.5g fat, 502mg sodium, 12g carbs, 2g fiber, 4g sugar, 20.5 protein


1/2 slice light white bread (again, I used whole wheat)

3 ounces raw lean ground turkey

1/4 cup finely chopped mushrooms

3 tbls. finely chopped onion

1 tbls. fat-free liquid egg substitute

1/2 tbls. finely chopped parsley

1/2 tbls. Dijonnaise (apparently Hellmann’s Dijonnaise is only sold on the east coast, I live on the west coast, I just used Dijon Mustard)

1/2 tbls. ketchup

1/4 tsp. crushed garlic (I didn’t actually measure this one, is there really ever too much garlic)

dash of salt


Place bread in blender or food processor (magic bullet works just as well) and pulse until you have soft, fluffy breadcrumbs. (FYI, don’t try to use your magic bullet or food processor to chop the mushrooms and onions, they just turn to mush!)


My finely chopped mushrooms courtesy of my favorite kitchen aid pink knife! (I was kind of proud of my knife skills here, had to take a picture)


In a bowl, combine breadcrumbs will all other ingredients, and kneed by hand until integrated. Form into a nice, big patty about 3/4-inch thick.


All the ingredients, in a bowl! (No, you don't have to make your bowl look like this all separated and "pretty", I just thought it looked cool!)



Look how big they are! Same size as my hand! (there is a burger under my hand btw! 3 ounces of turkey meat turns into 6 ounce turkey burgers, Woot! Woot! )


Bring a skillet or a grill pan (I used a big skillet) sprayed with nonstick spray to medium heat. Place patty in the skillet pan, cover and cook for 5 to 7 minutes per side, until patty is cooked through. (psst…flip carefully)

Serve on a plate, on a bun, over lettuce…..whatever!


I served it with lettuce as a "bun" along side a big old portion of steamed veggies and a few tri-colored roasted mini potatoes. (notice how half the patty is hiding under the lettuce? that's because when i flipped it, it kind of fell apart....oops!)


Let me remind you, I was so excited to try this recipe!


My first bite review: Uh, let’s try it without the lettuce “bun” might be better.

Mike’s first bite review: I like it better the other way! (The other way being my own personal recipe for turkey burgers, more on that later possibly)

Creativity: Eh, good way to add some veggies into the mix. I was kind of intrigued by adding the ketchup and mustard to it instead of on it! Overall (only because I am biased by my own recipe) creativity gets a 3 out of 5.

Texture: God awful! It did not represent the consistency of a burger at all! It reminded me of a really really bad meatloaf! Mike said the texture was more like what he thought cat food would be like! Or spam! It fell apart and kind of flopped if you didn’t grab the whole thing with two hands! Not a good sign! Rating: big old goose egg! (zero)

Taste: Mediocre, I couldn’t actually tell it was turkey, it was masked too much by the “filler” of bread and veggies. I couldn’t taste the Dijon or the ketchup which I was kind of excited about! Nothing stood out, it was just “blah”. Mike said he choked it down so fast he didn’t really taste it! (not a good thing since he usually eats overly dramatically slow and chews every last bite of everything until its gone, weirdo!)

Satisfaction: 4 weight watcher points down the drain! I was so unhappy with this I was actually still hungry (even after eating all the veggies and potatoes) if my brain is unhappy so is my stomach! Funny how that works! Mike said he was reading an article about satisfaction, were groups of people were given 1/4 cup of peanut butter and a 1/4 cup of peanuts. The people who ate the peanuts (not the peanut butter) were more satisfied and full because of the crunchy texture and constant chewing, even though the calories were close to the same! This burger left me feeling like I ate a 1/4 cup of crappy peanut butter!

The questions I grill Mike with after each recipe:

Would he make it himself: “Hell no!” Would he eat it if I made it again: “I would request you never make that again”

So, needless to say, they all can’t be winners! This one (to us) was most definitely a bust! I don’t understand adding bread and egg to a burger! I remember as a kid my mom would always add egg and it didn’t make any sense to me! Ground meat (turkey, beef, chicken, pork whatever) generally has enough fat and connective tissue to stick together very nicely and doesn’t need a “binder” to hold it together! As for the adding the bread, I just don’t get it! It doesn’t make the burger any bigger (the veggies do that) it doesn’t add any flavor, it just makes it “funky”.

I hate to be such a downer on this recipe because you might like it! I just honestly could not get past the texture and it ruined it for me! Hopefully the next recipe will get my spirits back up! It’s another burger, and it doesn’t have any filler! It should be a winner!

Do you add egg or bread to your burgers? Why!?!?


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  1. Jenny

    This is awesome! The recipe looked fantastic to me….but then reading yours and Mikes review it sounds like more of a hassle then it was worth. I like this a lot! I look forward to the next recipe you try!!!!

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