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Red Velvet Insanity Cupcakes

Sorry boys and girls I don’t have a whole heck of a lot of time to write a full post. It was a wild and crazy day today, it’s Mike’s birthday tomorrow (11/10/2010 if you’re not reading this today) and the only time we had to celebrate was today! Because I spoiled his gift and told him what it was ahead of time (my bad) I was told that I needed to surprise him with a dessert! A cake to be exact, any type as long as chocolate was involved! I scoured my Hungry-Girl cookbook and just couldn’t find anything that screamed “birthday cake”! I almost gave up and went with a store-bought or box cake (non-weight-watchers) And then I realized DUH! Hungry-Girl has more than one cookbook and I own both of them! Flipping through “200 under 200” I found it! I found the recipe that said: Birthday cake that doesn’t ruin your diet/waistline! Red Velvet Insanity Cupcakes! (click on the link btw, no time to write a full review)

My cupcakes seem to have way more frosting then the ones pictured in her recipe! Yum, frosting!

Look how wonderfully beautiful that is! Mmmmmmm.............

My only negative comment about these: The recipe makes 12 cupcakes at 3 weight watcher points each! How am I gonna not eat more than one?

Mike’s first bite reaction: Happy Birthday to me! (ok he really said, “I like it”)

My first bite reaction: Oh.My.God!

I’ve actually made these before awhile ago but didn’t have the food coloring. I don’t know why (I’ve never made actual red velvet cake before) but the red dye really does make it different! So beautifully moist, chocolatey, yummy (yes that is an official adjective to describe food) and perfect for this special occasion!

On a quick side note, today was also my first weight in after doing weight watchers for a full week. I lost 7.5 pounds! Woo, go me! Now I just need to keep up the momentum….(I think I can, I think I can!)

How do you celebrate birthdays while on a diet?


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