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Corn Bread and Apple Pies!

Apologies for the lack of recipes/posts these last few days! Thanksgiving kind of set me back a bit! Tuesday we had to clean out the fridge to make room for the turkey and all the leftovers. Wednesday I had to do prep for the big day (aka Thanksgiving) and Thursday was well, Thanksgiving.

Turkey day was just the boyfriend and I (my first holiday not with the family) so I had to make some wise choices! I decided (besides the turkey) I wanted a Weight Watchers Thanksgiving. Mike wanted a regular full-fat dinner. So we compromised. He picked two side dishes to have “regular” style (plus deviled eggs, but I don’t eat those anyways so that was easy) and I did the rest of the menu low-fat Weight Watchers “style”. I found a few great Hungry-Girl recipes that made perfect additions to make brand new Turkey day traditions!

First was Corn MegaMuffins! (Click the link for the recipe)

Holy Cow! These are NOT baked yet! Look how gigantic they are!

Yup, these ginormous MegaMuffins are only 3 weight watcher points each! Woot! Woot!

A close up, because I think its fun! (Apologies for the blurriness)

Taste: I love cornbread! I also haven’t eaten cornbread in over 5 years because they are so ridiculously high in fat and calories! These big guys are the perfect replacement for my favorite bread item! I honestly couldn’t even tell they were low-fat! 10 thumbs up! (What? I have 10 thumbs, so what?)

Texture: My first suggestion; make sure you let them cool down completely before consuming. When they were still hot they were a little gummy and seemed to be undercooked even though you could tell they were done. Second suggestion: Eat them the next day reheated for a few seconds with a little I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray! YUM! Loved the bits and chunks of real corn in them! Perfection!

Satisfaction: Needless to say throughout the course of the day I ate 3 of them!

I also wanted to make an apple pie for Turkey day (Since I don’t like pumpkin pie) and found: Awesome Apple Pie-lets! Whoops, I forgot to take pictures of this one! I was too pre-occupied with eating them and preparing the rest of our feast. If you click on the link you’ll get the idea of what they look like :)!

Texture: Using an egg roll wrapper as the shell: BRILLIANT! My only complaint is the crust edges, once the wrapper is rolled over to seal it, it gets a little tough and chewy. Just a little too much! Other than that, it was awesome!

Taste: Apple pie filling was so easy and fragrant and delicious! It really really did taste of apple pie! A little apple pie pocket! Best dessert we had at dinner! (Probably because I don’t like pumpkin pie.) Top it off with a little frozen Cool Whip Free and it’s Apple Pie A la Mode!

Satisfaction: 2 Weight Watchers points; yeah I’m sold! Holy wow, really? Only 2 points for a pie?

In slightly other related news: I lost 3.4 pounds last week! Yay! For a total of 8.4 pounds in 3 weeks! I’m hoping that I can keep this up. I’m also so super excited about the new Weight Watchers Points program to roll out on Monday. I’ve heard through rumors on the net that all fruit is gonna be zero points. And that they are actually going to take protein into account on calculating the points! This is so exciting! I am a protein junkie!

I should be back to doing recipes again on Saturday. I just need to find some fresh Ahi tuna. This is going to be a tough one. I don’t even know where to begin! Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and that you got to spend it with the ones you love!


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