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Cheesy Green Eggs ‘N Hamwiches

When Dr. Seuss said “I do not like green eggs and ham” he didn’t know they could actually taste good!

OK, so I admit, I don’t actually remember everything about that book, (it’s been way too long) but if  memory serves me right at the end (spoiler alert coming up) he actually gave in, tried the green eggs and ham, and I’m pretty sure he liked them! Just like I’m sure you will do once you try this recipe!

Anyhow, yesterday as I’m leaving for work, Mike asked about what we were doing for dinner, “So, what’s next?” (as in, what recipe are we gonna try out tonight)  When I told him the next recipe was a breakfast one and that I wasn’t gonna make a Hungry-Girl recipe tonight he kinda got a sad look on his face! I thought it was cute, and I’m glad that he’s getting just as excited about this as I am! 🙂 I hope you all are too!


Cheesy Green Eggs ‘N Hamwiches

PER SERVING: (entire recipe) 255 calories, 4.5g fat, 1319mg sodium, 25g carbs, 5.75g fiber, 3g sugars, 30g protein

I love that these serving sizes are for the entire recipe! This chapter is called “Swingin’ Single Meals” and you get to eat the whole thing! How cool is that?


1 light english muffin, split into halves

2 ounces (about 4 slices) 97 to 98% fat-free ham

1/2 cup fat-free liquid egg substitute (there’s a warning that says if you use egg whites instead of (yellow) egg substitute your eggs will be alarmingly green, I decided to use whites just because I had to see this!)

2 drops green food coloring

1 wedge The Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss cheese (be proud, I actually bought the Swiss kind this time and not the garlic and herb variety like I really wanted to!)

Optional: Salt (duh,of course I’m gonna add salt)


Toast muffin halves until they’re as crispy as you like. (Son of a B! Why don’t I have a toaster? I “toasted” them in the oven at 350 for about 5-7 minutes) Place ham in a large microwave-safe mug and microwave just until warm, about 20 seconds. (OK, this recipe is against me! I don’t have a microwave either. Don’t judge me, it’s just something we haven’t bothered to re-buy since we moved down to Cali and its honestly not that high on my “to buy list” its kind of unnecessary) (I tossed the ham slices into the oven with the English muffins for a few minutes instead)

Spray the microwave-safe mug lightly with nonstick spray. Add egg substitute, food coloring, and cheese wedge, breaking cheese into pieces as you add it. Mix well.

Egg whites, (3 egg whites to be exact) cheese wedge and green food coloring before mixing together

After mixing, yea, that's pretty green! 🙂

Microwave for 1 minute. Stir and microwave for an additional 45 to 60 seconds, until fully cooked. Stir again. (you guessed it, without a microwave I had to make my eggs the old-fashioned way on the stove top)

Not as green after being cooked. *Sad face* I wanted nuclear green (why you ask? I dunno, it just seemed like it would be fun)

Evenly distribute eggs between the ham-topped muffin halves. If you like, sprinkle with some salt. Enjoy!

Dr. Seuss would be proud! (and the white speckles on the sides of the black plate is not salt, it's the "grainy grain" stuff they put on the english muffin bottoms)

This was simple and fun! I haven’t used food coloring in a long time and enjoyed altering these bad boys for something a little different, (unnecessary and slightly juvenile) it made me smile! And I bet it would’ve been ten times easier if I had a toaster and a microwave like most normal human beings. But I hardly doubt it would have changed the outcome of this recipe.


My first bite reaction: I coulda used a little butter on the English muffin, but its good! (if I would’ve used butter it wouldn’t have been guilt-free, duh!)

Mike’s first bite reaction: It tastes better when I don’t look at it! (I thought the green eggs were cute, he thought it was kind of disturbing)

Creativity: I thought this was great! And even though I’m sure this isn’t the first recipe anyone has seen for green eggs and ham, it really worked for me! If you have kids (I don’t) they would probably get a kick out of this. Maybe I’m just a big kid! (ah, who am I kidding of course I am!)

Satisfaction: My brain was happy and so was my tummy! According to the stats on the recipe this is 5 weight watcher points. According to my calculations its only 4 points. I think the ham I bought was a lot leaner than the ham Hungry-Girl bought. Honestly, I know its only a 1 point difference but I’m pretty stingy with my points and like to stretch them as far as possible! I was happy with this at 4 points, at 5 eh, let’s not think about it as 5 points.

Taste: This is not the first time I’ve ever added The Laughing Cow cheese to my egg whites. The richness of the cheese is a great substitute for the yolk with half the calories! If you decide to make this recipe the way its meant to be made (in the microwave) go ahead and follow it accordingly. If you plan on making your eggs on the stove top (like I did) I recommend cooking your egg whites and food coloring first, then add your cheese after they’ve cooked. Because I was trying to make this as close to the way it was meant to be, I neglected to actually think! When making your eggs and cheese in the microwave the cheese melts and blends with the eggs just right. When making your eggs and cheese on the stove top the cheese disappears (I don’t actually know why) and you can’t taste it much! (This kind of annoys me, because I knew this ahead of time, and still did it wrong!) Overall, it did taste good. The eggs compliment the ham and the English muffin made it a hearty filling breakfast!

So, when you make this (because I know you will) will you add the food coloring or just skip it?


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